Washington's Agricultural Production

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Value of Washington’s 2011 Agricultural Production Sets Record High
National Agricultural Statistics Service – Washington Field Office
Press Release, October 18, 2012

The value of Washington’s 2011 agricultural production reached $9.40 billion (including government payments), 14 percent above the 2010 revised figure of $8.25 billion, and 13 percent above the previous record of $8.35 billion in 2007.

Record high value of production was set for six of the top seven Washington commodities, including apples, milk, wheat, potatoes, hay and cherries. Apples represented 20 percent of the total agricultural value compared with 19 percent in 2010. Milk ranked second with a value of $1.28 billion, 34 percent above 2010 followed by wheat with a value of $1.14 billion. Wheat posted a 23 percent gain from the 2010 crop.  The top five commodities had a combined value of $5.73 billion or 63 percent of the 2011 value for all commodities (excluding government payments).