Sustainable Farms

Sustainability is not a slogan to us, it's every day life

Meet some sustainable farmers

Sustainability is not a slogan to our is a necessity. Sustainability is farming in the most efficient and effective way possible, while protecting our soil, water and air for future generations. Here are just a few family farms that have lived off the land for multiple generations and practice sustainable farming in every way.

Eric Maier of Ritzville, Wash.


Hal Johnson of Davenport, Wash.


Todd Bodeau of Bodeau Brothers Farms, Wilbur, Wash.

Ben Barstow of Turnbow Flat Farms, Palouse, Wash.

Brad Isaak of Isaak Brothers Farms, Coulee City, Wash

Randy Suess of Colfax, Wash. and Steve Appel of Dusty, Wash.