Local Impact

Our farms provide one of the most consistent economic benefits to all of Washington

we do more than grow grain...

For every dollar of farm generated revenue, there was another $0.76 earned by those businesses providing support to grain farmers.

Washington grain production provided the equivalent of 18,720 full time on-farm jobs in 2010. In addition, the business to business activity of grain famers resulted in an additional 5,343 jobs in business servicing grain farms. This is about 5.3 off farm jobs created by agribusiness for every $1 million in Washington grain production. Another 1.8 jobs per $1 million in grain production value, or 1751 jobs, resulted from businesses providing personal goods and services to grain farmers and employees. Thus, over 25 jobs result from each $1 million earned in grain farm revenue. This means that in 2010, Washington grain production supported 7,094 jobs in addition to the nearly 19,000 directly related to grain production.